Merrimack Valley Medical Marijuana Group

We are a network of people enthused with the medicinal benefits of medical marijuana. Today, we are a large community of individuals sharing and caring for each other via the use of medical marijuana. We share information and products during festive gatherings and self-improvement group settings throughout the Merrimack Valley. We are comprised of all walks of life showing love and respect for each other. Originally, we comprised of disenfranchised individuals seeking relief from Addiction Disorders, via the use of medical marijuana. Today, we are comprised of those with or without concerns of Addiction. Our goal is enjoying and/or improving our overall quality of life together while learning more about this medicine. Of special interest is understanding how different strains, dosages, and degrees of THC uniquely impact different individuals. For example, a high sativa flower combined with a high THC content can affect people who are struggling with the mania phase of a Bipolar Disorder in a negative way. Furthermore, an Indica dominant strain may incite deeper depression on the flip side of Bipolar conditions. Our group is working together, essentially, to learn from each other.

To schedule an appointment and obtain your medical card, click on the green leaf icon above. It will be done over the phone within a day or two, or whenever you choose. You will then be eligible to print out a temporary card and official one will arrive in the mail soon after.

To receive further assistance, including recommendation letters, free medicinal samples, invitations to our events, and purchasing discounts, please choose Option 1 below, and join our medical marijuana program.





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