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We are a team of professionals (Dr. LaBranche's network), working together to help individuals establish addiction remission. We offer programs designed with a client-centered approach. If you are afflicted by an addiction or affected by another person's addiction, we can help, using the Addiction Remission Model of Recovery. 
Our primary Service is the ARMOR Program:
The ARMOR Program is for individuals wishing to place their addiction into sustainable remission. It is a private-pay, intensive out-patient or residential program designed and administered by professionals. Its unique design is based on current research from the social, psychological, and neurological sciences. Our program's team, which we create together, may consist of addiction specialists, legal counsel, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, registered nutritionist, and resources like yoga, meditation, and martial arts instruction, along with 12-step and SMART Recovery facilitation. Clients also research and study Addiction Psychology with a qualified teacher.
If you're looking for help with heroin, you've come to the right place...

Candidates for the ARMOR Program are encouraged to review the (sample copy) contract in order to get a general idea of what to expect from the program and what may be expected to participate. Contracts are designed on the basis of evaluations and assessments of a client's needs. Medical clearance from a hospital or detoxification facility is standard protocol for residential programs and ARMOR administration generally provides transportation from hospital or facility to a clean & sober structured living environment.

How to Proceed

  • If you've decided you would like to address a potential problem with addiction, or know that you would like to enroll in the ARMOR Program, the first thing to do is to schedule a free consultation with Dr. LaBranche: you may email info @ or call/text 978.973.4152


  • If you are still experiencing active addiction, you may need to be detoxified before starting the program. Sometimes this may require medical assistance and/or hospitalization, especially with cases of alcohol addiction disorder. These concerns can be addressed during your free consultation.

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