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ARMOR Addiction Remission Model of Recovery

Affirmation: developing healthy social capital 

Ritualization: designing new focused routine  

Modulation: managing our neural transmitters

Observation: regulating cycles & homeostasis

Recognition: using journal for daily reflections 

Join Virtu Services Network and attain addiction remission
through the administration of these components.

ARMOR=Addiction Remission Method of Recovery
Clients seeking recovery learn to implement components of ARMOR with professional guidance, in a structured sober-living environment. Family members and concerned significant others are invited to participate in the process as well (your role in their recovery can be instrumental, while misinformed attempts to help can be detrimental). 

All network members are encouraged to consult with our program administrator, Dr. LaBranche, an addictions specialist. He offers instructional guides and various courses pertaining to treatment and relapse prevention. For more information about how to put addiction into remission, click the armored warrior on horseback.

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